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Pharma Nord

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Pharma Nord

Pharma Nord



About Pharma Nord
We have chosen to stock Pharma Nord supplements for their high standards. Below is a list of the products available.

Pharma Nord is a Danish pharmaceutical company which specializes in preventive medicine and nutrition. The company's raison d'être is the production and sale of scientifically well-founded dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs. The company places much emphasis upon research involving its own products conducted by interested, independent researchers and upon an on-going examination of the relevant scientific literature.

From the beginning it has been Pharma Nord's goal to offer a series of nutritinal supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs characterized by a superior degree of quality, bio-availability and efficacy. Not all dietary supplements are equally good. There are, for example, significant differences in the bio-availability of various versions of the same vitamin or trace element depending upon how they have been produced.

At Gelisy.com we sell the full range of Pharma Nord products click on each product link below to view and buy.














Bio-Fiber 80

Bio-Fish oil


Bio-Glandin 25


Bio-Lipoic acid 



Bio MSM+Silica

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn 


Bio-Quinone Q10


Seleno Precise





Pharma Nord Quick Guide

Bio Antioxident 
A multivitamin and mineral supplement based on the latest knowledge about antioxidants and their vital contribution to the body's free radical scavenging mechanism. The body is protected against free radical attack by substances called antioxidants.

Contains:- 18 primary antioxidants & secondary antioxidants.
Price: 60 tabs- £14.99  150 tabs- £29.99

One Bio-Biloba tablet contains 100 mg of standardized Ginkgo Biloba extract, with a guaranteed content of 24 mg of ginkgo flavone-glycosides and 6 mg of terpene lactones. Research indicates that Ginkgo Biloba extract helps maintain blood circulation particularly to the brain and extremities. One tablet a day provides the optimum daily intake.
Price: 100mg = 60 tabs- £19.99 150 tabs- £36 
Each Bio-C-Vitamin tablet contains 750 mg of vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate), which is equivalent to the amount of vitamin C contained in approximately 1.5 kg of oranges. Bio-C- Vitamin provides pH neutral calcium ascorbate, which is gentle on the stomach and is easily absorbed by the body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and as such helps maintain the body's immune defence system against dangerous free radicals
Price: 750mg= 120 tabs-  £9.99
Young people must have sufficient calcium on a daily basis in order to build up strong bones at an early age. This will better enable them to maintain calcium levels in later life. Among older people, especially women around the menopause, a diet rich in calcium is important. Bio-Calcium + D3 + K is a high-concentration calcium preparation containing 500 mg of calcium in the forn of calcium citrate malate and calcium carbinate. These sources of calcium are well documented and have good assimilation properties. Vitamin D assists by further increasing the assimilation of calcium into the body.
Price: 500mg= 60 tabs- £8.99 150 tabs- £14.99
Bio-Carnitine is a food supplement containing 250 mg L-Carnitine, like some vitamins, plays a major role in the natural process by which the muscles oxidize fat to create energy. Found in almost every cell in the body, carnitine helps to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria, where conversion to energy takes place .bio-Carnitine can help ensure an adequate intake from the diet. Physical activity necessitates high levels of carnitine in the muscle cells.
Price: 250mg= 60 caps-  £17.99
 Bio-carotene contains 9 milligrammes of beta-carotene per capsule, which is the equivalent to the beta-carotene contained in four large carrots .beta-carotene is partially transformed in the body into Vitamin A as required, and has an additional and independent function. Beta- carotene is a powerful antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals. It also reaches more areas of the body for longer periods of time than Vitamin A, and thus offers prolonged action.
Price: 9mg= 150caps- £9.99
Bio-Chromium contains organically bound chromium with a high degree of bio-availability, which can safeguard intake when the diet is based on highly processed foods which are low in chromium. Chromium is the cornerstone of the body's glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which together with hormones has an important role in the body's carbohydrate metabolism and glucose balance. Bio-Chromium is scientifically proven to have established GTF activity, and increasing numbers of sportsmen and sportswomen are choosing to take Bio-Chromium as part of their training regimen. Many multivitamin products contain inorganic chromium, which is properly absorbed by the body. Organic Bio-Chromium, on the other hand. Is absorbed extremely readily.
Price: 100mcg= 30 tabs- £6.50, 90 tabs- £12.99 

cla Is intended for use in the following ways: to increase the release of fat from the body's fat deposits, to be used in conjunction with slimming treatments, to be used following slimming treatments to achieve better results with physical training Price: 500mg: 60 caps- £9, 150caps- £18  
Bio culture  Many people enjoy eating yoghert, to produce yoghert milk has to be fermented, the same friendly bacteria (Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Bifidus )is found in our intestines. Most people have no where near the required amount of friendly bacteria, they are destroyed by smoking, medicine, stomach problems, stress, poor diet. They are required to kill bad bacteria and strengthen the immune system. Price: 60caps-  £9.99, 150- £19.99
A strong Vitamin E preparation. Vitamin E forms a protective shield around cells and fights free radicals. Each capsule contains 350 mg d-alpha-tocopherol, corresponding to 525 i.u. of vitamin E.
Price: 350mg: 60caps- £9.99, 150caps- £19.99
Evelle Special supplements designed for healthy skin and hair. Price: 60caps- £29
Bio-Fiber 80
Bio-Fiber 80 is a concentrated fibre tablet which can help compensate for the low fibre content in highly processed diets. Bio-Fiber 80 contains no less than 80% dietary fibre. High-fibre foodstuffs constituted a significant proportion of total dietary intake in the 19th century, but the fibre content of foods has now fallen as a result of increasing industrial processing of foods. However, the fibre content of food supplements is not the only important factor involved .the relationship between the most common types of fibre (cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and pectin) is also vital. Bio-Fiber 80 contains all four types of fibre in the appropriate proportions.
Price: 120tabs- £4.50
Bio-Fish oil

Fish oils used by Pharma-Nord are derived only from fish found in the Northern Atlantic and South East Pacific oceans. All fish oils are carefully screened to ensure that there is no contamination by heavy metals, pesticides or industrial toxins such as dioxins. Contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 present in fish oil help maintain normal cardiovascular function, the normal functioning of theimmune/inflammatory response. and are required for the normal development and function of the brain.                 

Price: 1000mg 80caps- £6.99, 160caps- £11.99          
Bio-Garlic contains 300 mg of dehydrated garlic powder per tablet, of which 4.7 mg is the active mother substance alliin. This means that one tablet per day is a sufficient dose. Research indicates garlic herbs maintain blood circulation and strengthens the heart. helps maintain normal blood lipid profiles; total cholesterol levels are reduced by approximately 10% (by mediating cholesterol synthesis in the liver), with a 15% increase in HDL cholesterol and 15% reduction in LDL cholesterol. Garlic derived compounds also help maintain normal cardiovascular function, in particular blood pressure, platelet adhesiveness, and clotting. Garlic derived compounds have anti-microbial activity which helps maintain normal immune function
Price: 60tabs- £5, 150tabs- £10 
A good proportion of the fatty acids in Bio-Glandin 25 oil (no less than 25%) consists of an effective polyunsaturated fatty acid known as gammalionenic acid (GLA). This is transformed by the body into prostaglandins, wich are of great significance to health. Bio-Glandin 25 Contains cold pressed oil derived from borage a plant wich is the richest known source of GLA. Bio-Glandin 25 is low in saturated fatty acids. The Body's natural production of GLA is sometimes inefficient, wich makes a performed dietary source such as Bio-Glandin 25 extremely useful. Price: 60caps- £10, 150caps- £19  
Bio-Glucosamine  Supporting joint mobility and tissue renewal. Necessary for the maintenance and repair of connective tissue (ligaments, tendons) and joints. Damage to these components typically results in back pain, osteo-(wear and tear)arthritis, and rheumatoid-(inflammatory)arthritis.

Price: 60tabs- £10.99, 150tabs- £19.99            
Bio-Glucosamine+MSM Cream Glucosamine + MSM cream

Contains cartilage maintaining nutrients, and is formulated to help soothe aching joints and maintain normal joint mobility.

Price £7.99
Bio Lipoic Acid

Is more effective than vitamins C and E because it quenches harmfull free redicals in both the fatty and watery regions of the cell. Apart from being one of the most powerfull antioxidants, it helps recycle antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Co enzyme Q10, thereby increasing their life span and protective effect. In fact, when the body is defiecent in Lipoic Acid, the other antioxidants do not properly network together making Lipoic Acid one of the most impotant antioxidants, playing fundamental and essential roles in human health.
Price:50mg: 90tabs- £13.90
Bio-Magnesium contains 200 mg of magnesium in the form of organic and inorganic compounds. The major part of the magnesium in our body is stored in the bone mass and muscles. Magnesium is a mineral of vital importance to the performance of cells. Lack of magnesium can be a result of too little dietary intake or poor magnesium absorption from food. A magnesium supplement may help maintain sufficient dietary levels.
Price: 200mg: 60tabs- £5.50, 150tabs- £11
Bio-Marine Plus
Bio-Marine is a highly potent fish oil preparation, thanks to 70% of its fatty acids being omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA. The omega-3 fatty acids in Bio-Marine are present in the form of free fatty acids, which are absorbed more rapidly than the fatty acids which are bound in fish oils. Bio-Marine has an extremely high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it an ideal food supplement and even an alternative to fish in diets.
Price: 60caps- £9, 150caps- £18

Bio MSM+Silica MSM and silica are required for the normal formation of bone, and collagen in connective tissue (cartilage, tendons, ligaments), and for healthy skin, hair and nails. MSM and silica help maintain the flexibility of joints and arteries. Price:750mg 120tabs £12
Bio Quinone Q10 10mg & 30mgcapsules Ubiquinone or Coenzyme Q10 is an essential cofactor of enzymes involved in the energy production process. Coenzyme Q10 is also important within the body as a major fat-soluble antioxidant, protecting cell membranes from the damaging effects of free radicals. coenzyme Q10 levels decrease with age, and are depleted by intense physical exercise or illness.
Price: 10mg 60 caps- £9, 30mg: 60caps- £15, 150caps £27 Gold 100mg: 60caps- £35, 150caps- £69 

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn  In addition to the omega-7 sea buckthorn oil is a good source of the alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 type), linoleic acid (omega-6 type), and oleic acid (omega-9 type), as well as containing high levels of antioxidants. omega 7 fatty acids Mucous membranes line the surface of the digestive system, the respiratory tract, and the urino-genital tracts. Price: 60caps- £12, 150caps- £25 
Pycnogenol, A pine bark extract is best known for it's use in strengthening the blood vessels-including the capillaries and to reduce edema swelling due to water retention) and for arresting varicose veins.It also increases circulation and enhances cell vitalilty, reduces capillary fragility and improves resistance to bruising and strokes, helps restless leg syndrome, reduces daibetic reinopathy, improves visual acuity, helps improve sluggish memory and reduces the effects of stress.
Price: 40mg: 90tabs- £27.99 150tabs- £39.99
Seleno Precise
Seleno precise is a pure selenium tablet without the zinc and vitamins A,C and E added,for people who wish to take a high dose of selenium which is not possible with the bio selenium+zinc because of the levels vitamin A
Price: 200mg: 60tabs- £6.50, 150tabs £11
Bio-Selenium + zinc tablets 
Bio-Selenium + Zinc is a composite food supplement which is based on the latest knowledge about antioxidants. Selenium cooperates with vitamins A, B6, C and E, as well as with the mineral zinc, in contributing to the body's mechanism for neutralizing free radicals. British soils are low in selenium, with the result that the average daily intake of selenium in Britain is only 43 microgrammes, whereas the safe and adequate intake recommended by the World Health Organisation is 50-200 microgrammes. Research has shown that the most easily absorbed and utilized type of selenium is L-selenomethionine, an organic form of selenium. This form of selenium is used exclusively in Bio-Selenium + Zinc.
Price: 30tabs- £3.20, 90tabs- £8, 360tabs- £27
Bio-Sport Bio-Sport

Is a combination nutritional supplement containing the antioxidant related substances vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc, together with the essential fatty acids gamma linolenic acid (GLA, from borage oil) and eicosapentenoic acid and dodecahexanoic acid (EPA and DHA, from fish oil). The various antioxidant related substances incorporated into this supplement help to maintain the body’s defence against the damaging effects of exercise-induced free radical production. formulated to benefit individuals who have suffered inflammatory-type injuries to the limbs and joints, whether through sporting activities or physical over-exertion. Price: 240caps-£36 
Most diet products are based on limiting your intake of food, but with Bio-Trim it is quite different. Instead of reducing the amount of food you eat, Bio-Trim provides your body with nutrients that enable it to deal more effectively with your diet. This does not mean that you can eat unhealthily without putting on weight, but it means that you can eat normally and still lose pounds. The preparation works through improving the body's utilization of fat, carbohydrate and protein, at the same time as suppressing your desire for chocolate and sweets.
Price: 30tabs- £9, 90tabs- £19 
Bio-Vision is a combination nutritional supplement formulated to help maintain healthy eyes and normal vision. Price: 60tabs- £9, 150tabs- £19

This collection of information is intended for professionals in the fields of nutritional research, pharmacology, biochemistry, health care, etc. It is not targeted at the general public as a means of sales promotion, etc.

The many references to the well-established or potential roles and effects of various nutrients, enzymes, etc. should not be taken as claims for specific health effects of Pharma Nord products. In particular, Pharma Nord does not in any way encourage the use of nutritional supplements, coenzymes, etc., as alternatives to standard medical treatments. Wherever a significant beneficial effect is indicated, Pharma Nord advocates the use of these products as an adjunct or supplementary measure to be employed in combination with well established medical treatments and proven preventive measures.



 Coenzyme Q10 Caps


Coenzyme Q10




Coenzyme Q10 is also important as an antioxidant within the body. Coenzyme quinones occur in several chemical forms, with coenzyme Q10 being the only form found in human tissues.


Coenzyme Q10 100mg 60 Caps
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beauty products


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Col-boost collagen Capsules




Col-Boost Sponsors Miss U.K Col-Boost Collagen capsules Beauty Formula Celebrity secret for younger looking skin. Col-Boost Beauty 100% Pure Collagen Capsules. Nutritional supplement for skin, hair & nails.

RRP £29.99



Col-boost x 1
Free to Mainland U.K Post Total:£27.99

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