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Pedicure Guide

Pedicure Guide

Whats On This Page:

Creative Nails Spa Pedicure

How to learn professional Pedicure

Pedicure Products

Pedicure in Manchester


Pedicure Guide

432889 - Simply Beauty Pedpro Elite Battery Operated Foot File with Vacuum

432889 - Simply Beauty Pedpro Elite

Battery Operated Foot File with Vacuum

Keep your feet looking glamorous all year round with no fuss and no mess using this fantastic Simply Beauty Pedpro Elite. This battery operated foot file uses a rotating disc to remove hard skin and calluses from your feet. The Pedpro has two two-speed settings and features a built-in vacuum to keep things nice and tidy. There's a separate buffer disc for quick touch-ups and to keep your skin silky smooth. The cover cap doubles as a stand and it comes with four AA batteries to get you started.


Marine spa-pedicure by Creative Nails Back to top

What is more exhilarating than a walk on a beach, or the cooling wind off the open sea? Our SpaPedicure® line captures the sparkle of salt-spray with a system of products that instantly exfoliates and softens even the roughest feet – with ingredients such as beach sand, energizing marine botanicals, quartz crystals and soothing sea salts. Of course, this treatment is perfect for sandal weather, but smooth feet feel better year-round.


225578 - Perfect Formula Crystal Pedi-Buff Foot File

225578 - Perfect Formula Crystal Pedi-Buff Foot File

Crystal Pedi-Buff foot file by Perfect Formula. Double-sided exfoliator features one side to exfoliate dry skin, corns and calluses while the flat side gently smooths rough skin. Treat your feet to the skincare regimen they deserve.


The Professional Pedicure Procedure

Getting Ready

  1. Before we begin, make sure you are properly prepared.  Disinfect all hard surfaces (True Blue), then wash your hands with soap and water and sanitize them with an instant hand sanitizer (Cool Blue). Make certain your rolling cart is fully stocked with a disinfection tray, Spa Pedicure products, other pedicuring products, implements, tools, towels and polishing products.

  2. A successful set-up is well organized and embellished with your own special touch and creativity; flowers, music, candles and relaxing low light. (Although not so low you can't see what you are doing!)

  3. All pedicure clients should have filled out the consultation form (client profile) covering medical history and other important information.  Remember, you must proceed with caution if a client is diabetic, calling the client's physician for clearance if you have any doubts, and never perform a pedicure in an extreme situation, such as open sores or infections of the foot or leg.

  4. Plan on the service taking around an hour to complete.  This includes a six to seven minute massage per leg.  When you do the service in the salon, complete each step on all five toes before going on to the next step.

Preparing the Bath Back to top

  1. Fill the foot bath with warm water -- this means under 100° F, or a comfortable Jacuzzi temperature.  In a vibrating unit, use one scoop of Foaming Sea Soak™, then add the water to agitate as it fills to create a beautiful light foam in the bath.  Foaming Sea Soak™ is a concentrated seaweed foot soak with a lacy foam and fresh fragrance that cleanses, sooths and deodorizes. Do not use Foaming Sea Soakin a whirlpool bath!

  2. Let your client get settled in the chair with shoes, socks or nylons removed.  You may provide a robe if the client so desires.

  3. Submerge both the client's feet in the warm water, adding more water if necessary to adjust the temperature to the client's comfort.

  4. Add one level scoop of Sea Rocks™ to the water, agitating with your hand to dissolve and blend..  Sea Rocksis a softening, hydrating, aroma therapeutic foot bath treatment that will add a gentle foam to the water and release the aromatic vapors of Tee Tree and Eucalyptus Oil into the room.

  5. Soak the clients feet for 5 minutes in the bath to take full advantage of the softening effects of Rice Bran and Vitamin E Oils.  As they soak, remove your instruments from the disinfection unit and lay them on a clean, sanitized towel.  

Exfoliation Back to top

  1. Begin by placing a clean, sanitized terry towel in your lap, and remove one foot from the water. Pat the foot dry and remove the enamel from the toenails.

  2. Smooth one heaping spatula of A.H.A. Sea Scrub™ along the bottom of the foot and the heel, avoiding the sensitive skin on the top.  Sea Scrub is an aromatic scrub designed especially for the feet.  Quartz crystals, natural beach sand, and a marine alpha hydroxy acid complex work together to effectively exfoliate rough, dry skin.  Gently massage for 2 to 3 minutes, concentrating on areas of extreme dryness, then rinse and pat dry.

  3. Generously apply Sea Serum to calluses and dry spots on the bottom of the foot with a gauze or cotton pad.  Sea Serum Intensive A.H.A. Callus Treatment utilizes penetrating agents to enhance the effectiveness of the alpha hydroxy acid complex and protective ingredients to soothe sensitive skin.  Be sure to rinse your fingers after each use!

  4. Wrap the foot in a clean terry towel without removing the Sea Serum, and repeat steps 1 through 4 on the other foot.  

  5. Unwrap the first foot and run the Callus Smoother over all calluses to reduce and smooth.  Use a circular motion to reduce calluses inlayers until the skin is pink and pliable. The penetration of the Sea Serum will help dead skin come off easily.  Rinse the foot and towel dry.

  6. Do not return the foot to the bath as you use the Callus Smoother on the other foot. When both feet are clean, exfoliated, and dry, you are ready to proceed to the next portion of the service.

Pedicure Toenails Back to top

  1. Begin by placing a dot of C Therapy A.H.A. Cuticle Eraser on each cuticle of one foot, massaging it in with your thumb.  Gently push back and remove non-living (true) cuticle from around the proximal and lateral nail folds, staying away from the eponychium.  Because the tissue on toes is more fragile than that of fingers, any small cut or abrasion can easily become infected.

  2. With your thumb and index fingers, gently pull back the lateral folds of soft tissue to see where the toenail trimmer might be required.  Use a curette or a small 'spoon' tool as an extension of your fingers to feel along the lateral nail edge.

  3. Trim the corner of the big toenail at a 45° angle.  Using firm 'balance-point' positioning and holding the toenail trimmer like scissors - between thumb and middle finger, leaving the index finger free for balance - slide the tip of the trimmer under the corner at a 45° angle, so you can see the trimmer on the other side of the nail.  This will assure that you don't cut soft tissue.  Squeeze lightly before cutting, then cut to remove the entire corner.  Make sure you don't leave a hook or spike behind on the lateral nail edge.

  4. Guide a curette, small spoon tool or orangewood stick along the lateral nail edge in the direction of nail growth.  Do this on both sides of the nail to remove non-living tissue and debris.  Use a soft, sweeping "C" stroke to completely clear the entire area of dead tissue build-up.

  5. Use a 240 grit board to smooth and blend the lateral nail edge to the free edge on both sides.  Remember, all toenails should be rounded off on the corners, NOT square.  Squared off nails turn into ingrown nails, in which the nail actually grows OUT and into the soft tissue (Onychogryposis).  Refine all edges until they are smooth and even.

  6. Finally, use the 240-grit side of a Koala Buffer to lightly buff all nail surfaces in the direction of nail growth, being sure to smooth ridges and thin the surface of thickened nails.

  7. After all five toenails have been pedicured, rinse the foot in the bath and pat dry. 

Moisturise Back to top

  1. Using two heaping spatulas of Marine Masque, cover the entire foot up to the top of the ankle, leaving no bare spots.  Marine Masque is an aroma therapeutic masque created specifically to soften and hydrate the feet.  Enhanced with hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clays, and soothing botanicals, it leaves feet feeling soft, moisturized, and cool for hours.  After covering the foot with Marine Masque, wrap it in a clean, dry terry towel and let this foot rest while you work on the other foot.

  2. Pedicure the second foot in the same manner as the first.

  3. Cover the second foot with Marine Masque, wrap it in a clean, dry terry towel and let this foot rest while you return to the first foot.

  4. Place the pedicure tools back into the disinfection unit.

  5. Unwrap the first foot and completely rinse all the masque from the foot, using a soft brush or cloth if needed.  Pat dry.

Massage Back to top

  1. Begin by applying about a quarter-size droplet of Massage Oil to the palm of one hand, then rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil to the palms and fingers of both hands.  Use both hands as you begin at the knee and smooth the oil down to the clients toes, then back up to the knee.  Make sure your entire hand, palm and fingers are touching the client.  Do this several times, until the oil feels evenly distributed.

  2. Massage the calf using Effleurage (long strokes)  with both alternating hands.  You should hold the ankle with one hand as you perform Effleurage with the other up the front and down the back of the leg.  The working hand should always finish at the ankle and the pressure should be greater going up toward the heart than softer coming back down.  Alternate hands and repeat a minimum of three times.

  3. Petrissage to the calf with alternating hands.  Petrissage are compression strokes in which you begin at the ankle with your thumbs on the top of the calf and fingers on the back, squeezing the calf with alternating hands as you work your way up to the back of the knee.  Use your whole body, rocking gently left and right.  when you have reached the knee, Effleurage back down to the ankle, gently pulling with both hands.  Lean back as you do this -- you will find it helps your lower back as well!  Do this 2 - 3 times.

  4. Now it's time for a friction massage of the calf, using circular movements with alternating hands.  Hold the ankle with one hand and, using the heel of the free hand just above the foot, begin clockwise circular movements moving up to the knee.   Effleurage back down to the ankle and pull gently with both hands while leaning back.  Alternate hands and repeat as you do this 2 or 3 times.  Remember to keep a 'smile' in your hands as you perform these techniques!

  5. Now that you have massaged the calf, it's time to massage the foot.  Your hands should already be at the ankle, so we will start with the heel.  Reach behind the ankle and pull the foot toward you.  Holding the ankle with one hand, squeeze the heel with the thumb and forefinger of the working hand.  Squeeze six times, covering the sides of the heel.  

    Shift to an Effleurage of the foot; if you are seated lower than the client, put your thumbs on the top of the foot and fingers overlapping to the bottom side, then pull from the heel to the toes, using the side edges of your index fingers.  Your hands should have full contact, gripping the foot all the way to the toes.  Lean back as you pull, then do a full hand Effleurage and repeat.  So this three times, working only as deeply as both you and the client feel comfortable.

    If you are seated at the same level as the client, perform this technique with your fingers on top of the foot and thumbs on the bottom side, pulling from the heel to the toes using the edges of the thumbs.

  6. Move on to Petrissage of the foot.  If you are seated lower than the client, place your thumbs on top of the foot and your fingers on the bottom as you squeeze the entire underside of the foot, paying special attention to the underside of the arch.  Using the side edges of the thumbs all the way to the heel of the hand, spread apart the top of the foot.

    If you are seated level to the client, place your fingers on the top of the foot and your thumbs on the bottom as you squeeze the underside of the foot, then use your fingers on the top of the foot to spread apart the top of the foot.

    Use an Effleurage stroke to reunite before going on to squeeze the toes.

  7. Massage the toes beginning with the big toe.  Squeeze from the base to the tip as if you were milking a cow :)).  Make sure to cover the entire surface of each toe.

  8. The next massage stroke is friction.  Holding your hands on the left and right sides of the foot, rub it vigorously as if trying to warm it.  Make sure your hands and fingers have full contact with the foot.  This should produce a jiggling effect in the calf.  The calf should rock from side to side; if it doesn't, slow down the friction enough to allow it to do so.  Do this for about thirty seconds, then Effleurage to unite.

  9. Finally, remove any unabsorbed oil from the foot and leg with a clean terry towel, then wrap the foot in the same towel to keep it warm as you massage the other foot and leg.

  10. Unwrap, clean and rinse the other foot, then pat dry.

  11. Massage the other foot and leg as you did the first. Remember, this is the highlight for the client.  Take your time, dedicate six to seven minutes to each leg, and enjoy!

Polishing Back to top

  1. Begin by placing toe separators or decorative cording between all 10 toes.  You may also use rolled or folded tissues, which can be disposed of after a single use.

  2. Cleanse, sanitize and dehydrate the toenails of both feet with ScrubFresh One-Step Nail Prep.  Saturate a fiber-free pad with ScrubFresh, then scrub the toenails, making sure all oil and residue is completely removed.  ScrubFresh will remove all surface oils, moisture and contaminates, temporarily dehydrate the nail plate and leave behind pathogen fighters to help prevent infections of the nail plate.

  3. Apply one thin coat of basecoat and allow to dry.  (Sticky)

  4. Apply one thin coat of enamel and allow to dry.

  5. Apply a second thin coat of enamel and allow to dry.

  6. Seal and protect with one coat of top coat.  (Super Shiney or Speedy)

  7. Finish the polish application with a thin coat of polish drier.  (Dry and Shine)  

Complete the service by placing slippers on the clients feet.  Allow enough time for the polish to completely 'harden' or 'cure' before the client replaces their shoes, socks or stockings.

Tweezerman Economy Pedicure Kit 7pcs





Tweezerman Economy Pedicure Kit 7pcs

Economy Pedicure Kit: 1x Toe Separators 1x Nail Shapers 1x Power Toenail Clipper 1x Callus Rasp 1x Nail Brush 1x Callus Shaver 1x Callus Shaver Blades ( 10 Replacement )


Advice from Creative Nails Back to top


Pedicure GuideThere's more to becoming a nail technition than just doing nails. At the Creative Nail Academy, we believe that creating beautiful, natural-looking nail enhancements is an art and the right approach can make a world of difference, both to your clients and your career prospects.

So whether you're starting from scratch or a seasoned professional, the Creative Nail Academy has just what you need to be the best.




Lift Petite Mask


THE LIFT is a non-surgical face lifting treatment, which is produced from natural ingredients such as fruit extracts, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Amazing results can be achieved after just 1 application




The Lift Petite
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Col-boost collagen Capsules

Col-Boost Sponsors Miss U.K Col-Boost Collagen capsules Beauty Formula Celebrity secret for younger looking skin. Col-Boost Beauty 100% Pure Collagen Capsules. Nutritional supplement for skin, hair & nails.

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Fillderma Duo

Abradermol Microdermabrasion


Fillderma, immediate action and visible results Reduces wrinkles length and volume
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It restores the elasticity and firmness lost with age




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beauty products

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beauty products

Abradermol Microdermabrasion

Is a fast microdermabrasion technique developed for simple home use containing aluminium oxide crystals that eliminate skin impurities, stimulate cellular renewal and subcutaneous elasticity.
abradermol has been

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beauty products

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beauty products

 Pedicure in Manchester Back to Top

Saks Hair & Beauty

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The Spa Co

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Beauty Works Ltd

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The Retreat

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The Didsbury Beauty Clinic

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Zen Beauty Ltd

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