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Meditation Guide

Meditation Guide

Whats On This Page:

What is Meditation ?

How Do You Meditate ?

Chakara Meditation


Concentrative meditation
Benefits of Meditation

Learn to Meditate
Meditation Classes Manchester


Meditation Guide


What is Meditation ? Back to top

Meditation is a state of mind that makes us feel at peace and serene, it is a tool to help us wind down and chill out. At the beginning of meditation the thoughts are slowed down and eventually they stop all together, the height of meditation is called samadhi, Meditation puts you in touch with your inner self it makes you feel happy and helps you to think more clearly. 


There are many different forms of meditation, such as yantra, mantra and chakra, they all use concentration techniques to help us stop thinking and relax our brains.



How Do You Meditate ? Back to top

Find a peaceful place inside or outside that where you wont be disturbed. You can sit on the floor or on a chair, A sitting posture rather than lying down because lying down could send you to sleep. If you are not a person who easily goes to sleep you can meditate in a reclining position on a sofa with the back of your head supported, the important thing is to keep the spine straight because energy flows up the spine, also avoid large dinners before meditation.


To meditate you need to focus on energy centers of the body, or concentrate on an image, chanting and breathing exercises are also used. You have to try different techniques to see what works for you, don't expect it to work first time meditation takes practice.


Chakara Meditation Back to top

This form of meditation involved concentration on the energy centers they are called chakras, these chakras are found along an invisible energy tube called sushumna which runs along side the spine and ends between the eyebrows called the third eye. There are seven chakra points found along the sushumna. The energy which flows along the sushumna is called Kundalini or chi, during meditation the energy is pulled up along the sushumna to the third eye. In advanced meditation when a large amount of energy is created in the third eye it is said to jump to the seventh chakra called the crown, when this happens it is called samadhi, once you can enter this state it leads to a state called enlightenment. Concentrate on each area for an equal amount of time and it might help you to place your fingers on the area of concentration. 


Chakara Meditation Sequence

Start concentration on the third chakra, one inch below the navel- the center for strength and willpower.

Next go to the fourth chakra the heart, in the chest area-the center for balance and happiness.

Next move to the sixth chakra the third eye, the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows slightly above them- the center of wisdom and psychic seeing. 


Mindfulness Back to top

This is another form of meditation, it is using meditation in your everyday life. It is based on the Buddhist theory that whatever you focus on you become, for example if you focus on unhappy thoughts you will become unhappy and if you focus on happy thoughts you become happy. So the essence of mindfulness is to have happy positive thoughts 24/7, replace every negative thought with a positive one, its not easy but with practice it will become automatic and you will not be dragged down with every negative situation you encounter.  


Concentrative meditation Back to top
Concentrative meditation focuses the attention on the breath, an image, or a sound or mantra, in order to still the mind and allow a greater awareness and clarity to emerge.
The simplest form of concentrative meditation is to sit quietly and focus the attention on the breath. Yoga and meditation practitioners believe that there is a direct correlation between the breath and state of the mind. When a person is anxious, frightened, angry ect the breath will often be shallow, rapid, and uneven. But when the mind is calm, focused, and composed, the breath will often be slow, deep, and regular.

As you focus your mind on breathing in and out slowly and deeply, your mind becomes absorbed in the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation. As a result, your breathing will become slower and deeper, and the mind becomes more tranquil.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra is chanting meditation, mantras are sacred words repeated during meditation. You can chant a mantra out loud or just think of it, each mantra phrase has a meaning, focus on the actual words of the mantra. A few mantra words are listed below.

MANTRAS ah-nam, shi-rim, see-tah, sat-yam, ra-ma hush, at-man, peace, sha-lom, at-ease


Benefits of Meditation Back to top

Research has shown that Meditation can contribute to an individual's psychological and physiological well-being. This is accomplished as Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state, which is a level of consciousness that promotes the healing state.


The Physical Benefits
Anti-ageing Effects
Deep rest measured

Reduced work load of the heart
Decreased high blood pressure
Lowered levels of cortisol and lactate-two chemicals associated with stress
Reduction of free radicals
Improved air flow to the lungs, easier breathing

Higher skin resistance
Drop in cholesterol levels


The Psychological Benefits
Increased brain wave coherence

Less depression.
Better emotional stability.
Greater creativity

Less anxiety.
Less irritability and moodiness.
Improved learning ability and memory.
Feeling of vitality and rejuvenation.
Increased happiness.

Learn to Meditate Back to top

Manchester Meditation Events
The purpose of our Manchester meditation classes and courses is to allow participants to experience the immediate effects of meditation through various meditative techniques (including breath and mantra


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 Find Meditation in Manchester Back to Top

Ananda Marga Meditation & Yoga

0161 282 9224
42 Keppel Rd
Manchester, M21 0BW


The Manchester Centre for Buddhist

0161 861 7878 Meditation
19-21 High Lane
Manchester, M21 9DJ

Dhammakaya International Society of the United Kingdom

0161 736 1633
Gardner House Cheltenham St
Salford, M6 6WY

Tsepagme Buddhist Centre
01457 877406

6 Court St
Oldham, OL3 6HD


If you have a meditation school

email us your: name, address, phone, email, website, products used, qualifications list@gelisy.com




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