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Antarctilyne By Skin Doctors


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Perricone Crease 120x578


Lipolene by Skin Doctors
★★★★ £19.99


Tried & Tested Review

Key Ingredients

caffeine and Theobroma cacao (cocoa), attack cellulite at the source by helping the body speed up fat burning in thighs and legs where it is applied  they also act as a natural diuretic helping to eliminate fluids and restructure cells.


Other Slimming Products

Liposes Serum
Fat deposits and re-modeling of the body contour.

Contains 20% unsaturated Phosphatidylcholine to promote mobilizing lipotrophic activity. Also contains DMAE that tenses and firms the skin.

★★★★ £39.99


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What is Lipolene ?

For those stubbon areas:



Introducing Lipolene
Are you embarrassed by your cellulite? Are you fed up with the broken promises of cellulite pills and creams? If you’ve been disillusioned by cellulite products in the past it may be time to renew your faith. New Lipolene cellulite gel has actually made even the most hardened beauty sceptics stop and wonder.


Lipolene by Skin Doctors

Introducing Lipolene

Before & After The Lift Petite Mask ?

Precision-engineered with 7 cellulite ingredients.
But then why shouldn’t it be highly regarded? I mean Lipolene is the first cellulite gel to combine as many as 7 precision-engineered ingredients including the amazing cellulite discovery - penetrating xanthines! And the results really do speak for themselves. There is no denying it, the Lipolene six-steps program may make a real difference to the appearance of your cellulite in time for summer!

Designed to begin working on contact!
Lipolene is different to its predecessors as Lipolene doesn’t promise miracles. Lipolene doesn’t claim to be an overnight cellulite wonder. Lipolene doesn’t even promise that the cellulite will completely vanish from sight. But Lipolene has been designed to begin working on contact. And like the lady in the photos featured here; the incredible, visible effects of Lipolene may be achieved in as little as 8 weeks.


Lipolene by Skin Doctors


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Active Ingredients

The Active Ingredients - Xanthenes - For years, scientists have known that xanthenes, including caffeine and Theobroma cacao (cocoa), attack cellulite at the source by helping the body speed up fat burning in thighs and legs where it is applied - reducing the expansion and stretching of skin between the connective fibres. They also act as a natural diuretic helping to eliminate fluids and restructure cells.

Forskolin - Forskolin is the active ingredient in the Coleus Forskohlii root. Forskohlii is a herbal product originally used in India for medical purposes and has only recently been discovered and utilised in the west as a fat loss agent.

Seaweed - Seaweed is rich in vital minerals, trace elements, proteins and vitamins. It helps improve the skin's elasticity, tone, firmness and helps to prevent cellulite. Seaweed will soothe damaged or irritated skin, heal minor skin infections, detoxify and cleanse.

Gotu Kola - This herb is ideal in the treatment of cellulite because it enhances the structure of the connective tissue surrounding fat chambers and by the same action improves the circulation of blood. Gotu Kola works to strengthen connective tissues by stimulating the body's production of the ground substance that keeps collagen fibres locked in place.

Rosemary Oil
- Rosemary Oil is a natural diuretic that works with steam and heat to relieve the body of excess water and toxins improving circulation, which in turn diminishes the appearance of cellulite.

Salicylic Acid and Apple Juice - Salicylic Acid and Apple Extract act as exfoliants, sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal the new vibrant skin beneath.

Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera helps re balance the pH level in the skin acting as a protective and soothing agent. Plus it's a natural moisturiser.



What causes cellulite ?
Contrary to popular opinion, cellulite is not simply a matter of weight. Many slim people have cellulite. But it is a type of fat. It is primarily a female problem as it's thought that one of the causes is a high level of the female hormone oestrogen. Poor diet, bad circulation, sluggish digestion, intake of toxins and fluid retention can all also contribute to cellulite.

How does Lipolene work ?
Lipolene includes a bevy of natural ingredients including xanthenes that are known to help the breakdown of fat. These xanthenes have been combined with ingredients such as Forskolin, Gotu Kola, Rosemary Oil, Aloe Vera, Salicylic Acid, Seaweed Extract and Apple Extract, all known for their skin smoothing, firming and tightening effects.

How must Lipolene be applied to achieve maximum results ?
For maximum results massage Lipolene into the affected area for 3-5 minutes twice daily after showering and skin brushing

Are there any possible side effects from using Lipolene ?
There are no common side effects but in case of an allergic reaction, test Lipolene on a small patch of sensitive skin and wait 24 hours before commencing with the full treatment.

How long does it take before I see visible results with Lipolene ?
You should notice results with Lipolene in 6-8 weeks. Dramatic results in which the cellulite is barely visible have been achieved in as little as 8 weeks.

Is there any way I can prevent my cellulite from re-occurring ?
Regular use of Lipolene can help cellulite from re-occurring. Also, it's beneficial to drink plenty of water and free your diet of toxins such as alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. Also reduce your salt intake as this causes fluid retention. Massage, skin brushing and exercise can help boost circulation to the area, eliminate toxins from your body and encourage fluid movements.


Directions for use
Massage into the affected area for 3-5 minutes, twice daily. For best results, apply directly after skin brushing and showering when the skin's pores are open.

Results may vary depending on skin type.


What is Cellulite ?

Most people refer to Cellulite as the fatty deposits that form uneven, wrinkled, dimply skin found on the thighs, hips and buttocks of most mature women. Even when fat is lost from other body areas, cellulite remains and will actually be the last fat to be lost, because it occurs only when damaged fatty tissue accumulates. Cellulite is formed when connective tissues beneath the skin that shape the fat become weak and deformed due to poor circulation.


Diagnosing Cellulite
Cellulite is a real medical condition that follows a predictable path of development. It typically starts with a few broken veins or tiny areas of discoloration and a tendency to bruise easily. This early stage may be missed, but it soon develops into the distinctive "orange peel" appearance as the tissue under the skin becomes swollen and distended. If left unchecked this frequently develops into the "mattress skin" stage in which the skin feels cool to the touch. After this the tissues deteriorate further into islands of concentrated blood flow that feel hot and are surrounded by cold cellulite tissue. The lack of circulation in the damaged cellulite tissues finally results in more fat and fiber accumulation along with fluid retention to produce a honeycomb structure of swollen lumpy tissue that disfigures the body profile known as steatomes.


How Does Cellulite Begin ?
Cellulite is caused by damage to the delicate capillary or drainage system in the fat layer under the skin. It begins when the circulation in the capillaries, veins or lymphatic drainage vessels under the skin slows down. This leads to sluggish or even static regions of blood or lymph flow, which allows highly reactive chemicals known as free radicals to attack the walls of the capillaries, veins or lymph vessels as well as the surrounding tissues. Once damage has occurred in one of the circulatory systems in this fatty layer it spreads to the others, leading to accumulation of lymph in the tissues. This all happens without any outward signs other than perhaps a tendency for cuts and bruises to heal more slowly.

In these "pools" of lymph accumulation protein fibers tend to precipitate out and form fibers; these fibers are laid down around groups of fat cells giving rise to a lumpy appearance on the skin; this is the beginning of the cellulite cycle.


What Causes the "Orange Peel" Effect ?
As the circulation slows and lymph accumulates in the fatty tissue under the skin more and more protein fibers are formed. Normally cells known as fibroblasts would dissolve these abnormal protein fibers, but as the circulation and drainage deteriorate these fibroblasts become defective because they are starved of oxygen and nutrients. Instead of removing the protein fibers and maintaining a network of fine, elastic, supporting fibers they build thicker, less flexible webs of fiber around groups of fat cells.

Fat cells have fat-storing and fat-releasing receptor sites. Different parts of the body have fat cells with more fat storing sites or more fat-releasing sites. This is why many women tend to store fat on certain parts of the body and lose it on other parts, frequently giving rise to the familiar pear shaped body. Cellulite areas usually have fat cells with more fat-storing sites. This means that any fatty substances in the lymph surrounding the damaged tissues are quickly taken up by the fat cells and stored. During exercise the body demands energy and the fat cells should release fat into the blood for consumption by the muscles. The damaged cellulite tissues are not able to respond, however, due to the damaged circulation so fat from other areas is used and the cellulite areas continue to build up fatty deposits.

The combination of thick, rigid fibers and increasing fat along with distended tissues caused by fluid retention gives rise to the "orange peel" appearance of the skin we associate with the first stages of cellulite. Without treatment the cycle of damage accelerates causing patches of isolated fatty tissue that feel cold to the touch separated by "hot" zones where blood circulation is concentrated. This is known as the "mattress skin" stage and progresses to the formation of large fatty lumps known as steatomes.

The Treatment of Cellulite

There are many different natural methods of treating cellulite. Almost all of these fit into three categories which should be combined into a complete cellulite treatment program:

Improving Circulation -
Repair of Damaged Circulation and Cellulite Exercises

Balancing Hormones - Cellulite Supplements

Detoxification -
Cellulite Detoxification, and Cellulite Creams and Treatments


Liposes Serum back to top

Lipopuntia Capsules

Liposes Serum

Liposes Serum
Fat deposits and re-modeling of the body contour.

Contains 20% unsaturated Phosphatidylcholine to promote mobilizing lipotrophic activity. Also contains DMAE that tenses and firms the skin.



Liposes Serum 30ml
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Lipopuntia has fat reducing properties containing Opuntia ficus indica with fat binging absorbing properties and Green Coffee Extract to help use fat as energy.
RRP £45.99


Lipopuntia x 180 capsules
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beauty products

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beauty products

Flat Belly Capsules




Lipopuntia Flat Belly keeps intesternal health with Megaflora 9 and Pineapple Powder promotes digestion and metabolism of protein.

Optimal potency probiotic formula Pineapple Bromelain ensure good digestion and proper metabolic function.



Flat Belly x 60 capsules
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beauty products

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beauty products


Col-boost collagen Capsules

Col-Boost Sponsors Miss U.K Col-Boost Collagen capsules Beauty Formula Celebrity secret for younger looking skin. Col-Boost Beauty 100% Pure Collagen Capsules. Nutritional supplement for skin, hair & nails.

RRP £29.99



Col-boost x 1
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