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Iridology Guide

Iridology Guide

Whats on This Page:

What Is Iridology ?

How Does Iridology Work ?

Your Constitution

Iridology Treatment

Example of Iridology

Iridology Charts

Learn Iridology

Iridology in Manchester

Iridology Guide


What Is Iridology ? back to top

Iridology is the scientific analysis of the iris which is the colored part of the eye, study of an iris reveals  health problems and constitution, this is done by examination of the color, markings and spots on the iris. 


Each body organ and gland is located on either the left or right iris, organs on the left side of the body show in the left iris and on the right side the right iris, anything in the center shows up on both iris.



How Does Iridology Work ? back to top

Iridology was discovered in the 1800s by a physician called Ignatz Von Peczely, when he found an owl with an injury, he could see a black line rising in the owls eye he kept the bird until it was better studied its progress, he went on to map out the first chart of iridology.

The iris is a complicated part of our anatomy it is composed of hundreds of thousands of nerve endings which are connected by impulses to every  tissue in the body through the brain and nervous system. These nerve fibers respond to specific ailments in our body by changing color or developing lesions. The iris is studied by superimposing an iris chart over an enlarged image of an iris.  

Iridology is not a restorative therapy; it doesn't cure and it doesn't pinpoint particular ailments Iridologyt identifies weaknesses or overactivity in the body so that future problems can be avoided.


Your Constitution back to top

Iridologists use the word constitution to describe the physical make up we were born with and inherited from our parents. If there is a history of medical problems in your family for instance asthma then there is a chance you may of inherited it. In iridology you either have a weak constitution or a strong constitution. If you are born with a strong constitution the fibers of the iris are very tightly together, therefore your body will stand up to problems well, if you were born with a weak constitution the fibers of the iris are separate and your body will not withstand too much abuse. Constitution is not an indication of how long you will live, when you know you have a weak constitution you  can take steps to look after yourself.


Iridology Treatment back to top

Nutrition plays an important part in iridology, when your body is weak it is susceptible to attack from virus and disease, if the body has a nutritional deficiency it will be weakened and the deficiency shows in the iris. After an iridologist has studied you iris pattern they will recommend a natural nutritional program to you that will restore the nutritional balance and strengthen you body. Iridology will not show a specific disease but it will show if their is a weakness in a certain area often before any symptoms have started so you can take preventative measures.

Iridologists generally use equipment such as a flashlight and magnifying glass, cameras or slit-lamp microscopes to examine a patient's irises

The iris surrounds the center, or pupil. Light enters through the pupil and is focused by the lens into an image on the retina. The nerves of the iris are connected to a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus.
The left eye is believed to correspond with the left side of the body and the right eye with the right side of the body. In general, the higher organs like the brain are at the top of the iris and the lower organs like the kidneys are at the bottom.

In reading the iris there are several characteristics that are studied. These include, layers, colours, rings and spots.



The theory of Iridology is that the iris is constructed in layers that represent the four stages of tissue activity.
Acute changes
Sub-acute changes
Chronic changes
Degenerative changes
By visualizing which layer has the defect, one can then decide what the nature of the problem is.


There are three main eye types -

Blue-Eyed Type (Lymphatic): At increased risk for problems with the upper respiratory tract, digestive tract, urogenital tract, lymphatic tissues, joints, kidneys and adrenal gland imbalances.
Mixed-Eye Type (Biliary): This type has discolorations (usually light brown) on top of a blue background. They are at Increased risk for liver related problems, digestive tract problems and allergies.
Brown-Eyed Type (Hematogenic): This type is predisposed to blood disorders and imbalances of minerals, especially calcium. This type should pay attention to the circulatory system, liver, spleen, bone marrow, digestive system and endocrine glands.

Colours over certain areas on the iris correspond to the area of the body as indicated by the maps. You can then decide what types of changes are occurring.
White indicates an area of the body working hard to "maintain."
Yellow-white indicates an area of the body losing a battle.
Yellow indicates poor kidney function; yellow sclera (white part of the eye) suggest gallbladder disease.
Orange indicates problems metabolizing carbohydrates and weakness in the liver and/or pancreas. Glucose levels should be checked.
Red-brown indicates deterioration.
Brown indicates poor liver function and "dirty blood."
Black indicates dying tissue.

  • Scurf Rim or Ring of Purpose is a dark band around the iris, indicating that the skin is not functioning properly.  These people do not sweat easily (lack of detoxification), have increased mucous production and kidney stress.  They are "thick-skinned" emotionally.

  • Stress Rings or Rings of Freedom look like growth rings on a tree.  They indicate neuro-muscular tension and stress.  These people tend to be perfectionists and are highly active and accomplishment-oriented.

  • Lipid Ring or Ring of Determination is a heavy white ring partially or completely covering the outer edge of the iris.  This ring is mostly found in older people, and it is indicative of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems.  It can also indicate problems with the liver and thyroid, and an increased risk of Parkinson's Disease.  These people tend to be stubborn.

  • Lymphatic Rosary or Ring of Harmony looks like a tiny ring of clouds around the outer iris.  These people have lymphatic congestion and swollen lymph nodes. Perhaps the person with this ring is not getting enough exercise for the particular body parts underlying the ring.  These people internalize others' problems to make everything appear harmonious, as they dislike conflict and tension in their environment.

  • Radii Solaris-radiates out like spokes on a wheel.  Where they occur they poison and inhibit cells.  This was first noticed in sheep over 2000 years ago when they had parasites and thus is often linked with intestinal problems.

  • Sodium Ring-this is a cloudy white ring that often occurs over the circulation area. It may indicate aches and pains.

  • Nerve Rings-The more of these rings a person has, the more nervous the person is. They may need lifestyle changes such as decreasing stress and finding another person to open up to and share with.


Spots may "move" across the iris and are believed to indicate deficiencies or a "blocking" of awareness about a particular organ or system


Example of Iridology back to top

Blue iris--right eye with toxic settlements in bronchus, and thyroid area (orange blotches), lower lymph congestion, slightly over acid body condition (whitish look), need for digestive support, possible blood sugar imbalance, upper respiratory congestion. Tendency toward divirticulitis.


Iridology Chart can show



Left Eye Chart

Right Eye Chart


Click on the charts to enlarge fell free to use the charts by Dr Akilah


Learn Iridology Top of page

Iridology Course - College of Natural Medicine - Diploma Courses

When applied correctly, Iridology is a highly accurate assessment tool for the practitioner in understanding the genetic blueprints as well as the strength and weaknesses of their clients. Learn from one of the most popular instructors on the science of Iridology. Lessons designed to help you study for certification as well as to teach you the practical knowledge you will need to apply in your career. A textbook and video series filmed during Dr. Tart’s Pre-Cert and Cert classes in 1999, and filled with valuable Iridology instruction and information including: History of Iridology Iris: Anatomy, Mapping, Zones, Signs, Pigments Topostabile and Topolabile Collarette Wreath Pupil Tonus Constitutional Types and Subtypes by Color and Structure Collarette & Pupil Relationship to Vitality & Digestion Shading & Density Contraction Furrows Lacuna Types Syndromes: Cardio-Abdominal, Cardio-Renal, Pancreatic Intro. to Time Risk & Rayid Sclera Signs Case Studies

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Iridology in Manchester Back to Top

Julia Russell, H.N.H.Ir., M.G.N.I. AMH., IFR

01524 33389 or 07956 422161

The Holistic Centre Borrans Lane,

Middleton LA3 3JJ


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