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Ingrow Go By Skin Doctors

★★★★ Ł12.99


Tried & Tested Review

Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid

Ingrow Go is excellent for your bikini line, underarm, legs and any other place you experience this irritating skin problem. It's especially great for the razor bumps men get on their necks and face after shaving.


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Azelac Lotion by SeSDERMA 

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Azelaic acid and Salicylic acid have calming, comedolytic, bactericidal, sebostatic and soothing actions. It soothes the irritation that appears after shaving or hair removal.

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What is Ingrow Go ?
Fade the appearance of:
Ingrown Hairs
Razor Bumps
The lotion for ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burns.
The amazing lotion that outs ingrown hairs
leaving skin smooth, clear and bump free.

Inroducing Ingrow Go ?

Before & After Fillderma ?

The amazing treatment that outs ingrown hairs leaving skin smooth, clear and bump free.

Ingrow Go contains potent, natural ingredients that work with a two-way action. First, the antibacterial action cleans and purifies the affected pore, reducing the swelling and killing any impurities. Next, the exfoliating action goes to work, sloughing away the dry, dead skin and releasing the trapped hair.


Your skin is left clean, clear and silky smooth - Relief in as little as 24 hours. Ingrow Go not only erases existing ingrown hairs, it even stops new ones from forming. Used regularly, you wont have to experience the embarrassment of ingrown hairs again! Use Ingrow Go on your legs, bikini-line, underarms or anywhere hair removal results in bumps or redness.


The product that puts an end to ugly painful ingrown hairs and razor rashes is now even better. Ingrow Go has given hope to all the men and women who have suffered from ingrown hairs and razor bumps all their adult lives. Now you no longer have to feel embarrassed or be forced to spend time and money on extra make-up to cover the ugly red bumps.






Benefits of Ingrow Go

Ingrow Go is excellent for your bikini line, underarm, legs and any other place you experience this irritating skin problem. It's especially great for the razor bumps men get on their necks and face after shaving.

Ingrow Go is so effective it can eliminate those festering bumps and bright red spots in as little as 24 hours! Continued use will keep you silky smooth and bump free. 

Ingrow Go can also prevent new ingrown hairs from forming. The antibacterial action cleans out and purifies the infected pore, reducing swelling, redness and impurities. The exfoliating action removes the dead skin and gently releases the trapped hair.


Ingrow Go is great for men too! -  is an effective treatment for men too on the face and neck after shaving

Active Ingredients of Ingrow Go

Isopropyl Alcohol - a

ntibacterial to help clear out infected pores.

Propylene Glycol -

to deliver moisture through the skin.

Acetylsalicylic Acid -

to reduce the swelling associated with ingrown hairs.

Glycolic Acid -

a mild exfoliant which removes dry skin cells and reduces redness.

Tocopheryl Acetate -

Vitamin E antioxidant - helps protect the skin from free radical damage



How does this amazing product work ?
This is the question we always get from astonished customers after they have experienced the effectiveness of ingrow go The ingrow go process of eliminating ingrown hairs and bumps has several stages.

Firstly, once applied to the affected area, ingrow go increases the amount of fluid that enters through the skin and into the follicle. Simultaneously ingrow go exfoliates the skin making it easier for the ingrown hairs to pop out.


The next stage sees the increase in fluid volume elevate the pressure under the skin. The added skin pressure constricts the hair follicles. This means there is a considerable reduction of space in the interior of the follicles putting added pressure on the ingrown hair.


The final stage happens when the pressure builds up enough to force the ingrown hair to exit the pores; which is made easier by the exfoliating action of ingrow go™. The hair pushes out and grows above the surface of the skin. This process is the same for removing razor bumps.


As you can see ingrow go is a safe yet ingenious method of treating a skin problem that until recently no one could do anything about.


Why do ingrown hairs and razor bumps occur ?
Ingrown hairs - Every time you remove unwanted hair from your body, no matter what method (waxing, electrolysis, depilatory creams), chances are you will get ingrown hairs. Both men and women suffer from this annoying problem. Arm pits, bikini lines, and legs are typically the areas in which women get ingrown hairs. While men get the problem on their face and neck.


The problem starts when hair is removed below the skin surface. When these hairs begin to
re-grow they can curl up inside the hair follicle. The hair doubles over itself making it impossible for it to exit the surface. As the hair continues to grow inside the follicle it creates a foreign body reaction. This causes inflammation and a red ugly bump emerges on the surface of the skin.

Ingrow go will eradicate existing ingrown hairs quickly and effectively for both men and women. Ingrow go may also be applied shortly after using any hair removal product. There are no other products in Australia that can get rid of ingrown hairs as efficiently as ingrow go


Razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis babae) - It may be hard to believe but 15-20% of men of European descent suffer this annoying problem on a daily basis. And if you're of African descent the odds are 4 in 5 that you will have the same trouble. The fact is that the problem mainly occurs on the faces of men with curly hair. Every time a man with this type of hair shaves, he sharpens the ends of the follicles and when the facial hair begins to grow back it bends and twists. Eventually the sharpened end of the hair easily penetrates underneath the skin next to the hair follicle. Most men know the pain involved when trying to shave a face that has nasty razor bumps on it. Not only does it make the bumps itch and burn, it can easily infect the area.

But if applied regularly, ingrow go safely eliminates the problem of unsightly razor bumps. Ingrow go also eliminates the annoying itching and burning associated with razor bumps almost overnight!


How do I apply ingrow go ?
Ingrow go may be applied twice a day directly on the red bumps and ingrown hairs with a cotton ball (do not splash on), preferably once in the morning after a shower and once at night. The ingrown hairs and razor bumps usually clear up within 24hrs, although it may take a few days. Ingrow go™ may also be applied right after shaving to soothe the skin's redness and prevent further ingrown hairs and razor bumps. This is ideal for women after shaving legs, bikini lines and underarms.

When removing hair with depilatory creams and wax strips wait 24 hours before using ingrow go to help prevent ingrown hairs and reduce the redness associated with depilation.

Ingrow go can also be used several days prior to depilation to assist with successful hair removal, which aids the prevention of ingrown hair occurrence. To maintain this benefit, men should use ingrow go every day after shaving, and women should apply it several times a week.


What else can you use ingrow go for ?
Amazingly enough ingrow go can do much more than just remove ingrown hairs safely and effectively. It can also improve the appearance of:
 Dark and white marks on the face caused by sun exposure
 Redness from insect bites
 Scarring caused by constant shaving
 Cold Sores.

Ingrow goTM also causes mild exfoliation. This is beneficial as it leaves your skin smoother by removing dead skin build-up, leaving a healthy glow to your skin.


Are there any side effects ?
People allergic to aspirin should not use this product. For people that are sensitive to some cosmetic ingredients try testing a small area of the skin for several days before complete application. Avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest.
Avoid spilling on non-colour fast clothing or upholstery.


To remove ingrown hairs - moisten cotton ball with Ingrow Go and apply directly to affected area. Use morning and night until skin clears.
To prevent ingrown hairs - apply to skin several days prior to waxing or electrolysis to lift ingrown hairs and to ensure complete hair removal. Men apply to skin after shaving.


Organic Laboratory Shaving Balm

Ingrow Go


Organic Laboratory Shaving Balm

Organic Aftershave Healing Balm  Key Ingredients
Calendula Extract , Comfrey extract, Sandalwood, Amaranth Extract.



Organic Laboratory

Shaving Balm 50ml
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Sorry Out of Stock


The lotion for ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burns.
The amazing lotion that outs ingrown hairs
leaving skin smooth, clear and bump free.



Ingrow go
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