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Perricone Crease 120x578


Fillderma Wrinkle Filler by SeSDERMA



Tried & Tested Review

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, Soluble collagen, Centella asiatica, Fermented sweet black tea, Silica. Matrixyl
System that fills wrinkles, folds, and furrows.
The cosmetic alternative to microinjections.
We luv this product it does what it says, a real must have product of the year !

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A System that fills wrinkles, folds, and furrows.

The cosmetic alternative to microinjections.
The first cosmetic product that has immediate and visible results in as little as one hour.
“The Ultimate Treatment for Eliminating Wrinkles!”

Fillderma Wrinkle Filler

Introducing Filderma

Before & After Fillderma ?

What Does Fillderma Do ?

Refills + Regenerates + Thickening + Hydrates
Fillderma, from SeSDERMA, regenerates and increases the density of the epidermis matrix. It returns firmness and elasticity that has been lost with age, leaving the skin smooth, shiny, and glowing. Immediate lifting effect.

Immediate action and visible results
Reduces wrinkles length and volume
Increases the hydration of the skin
Adds luminosity and softness to the skin
It restores the elasticity and firmness lost with age




How Does Fillderma Work ?

A two-step system

  • Step 1 – Serum: An oily serum that contains dehydrated spheres with hydrophilic properties is applied on the skin, which must be totally clean and dry. These spheres capture and retain large amounts of water.

  • Step 2 – Activating Gel: After around ten to fifteen minutes and the spheres have penetrated the skin, an Activator Gel is to be applied. This gel contains Hydromatx complex, a unique mix of active ingredients: an enzymatic protease exfoliant (from Bacillus ferment), hyaluronic acid, hydrocotyl extract, soluble collagen, urea, fermented sweet black tea, and PAL-KTTKS.

Once these two products are put in contact with each other, the spheres that were dehydrated are progressively rehydrated and begin capturing the water within the activator gel as well as water that is evaporating from the skin (transepidermal water loss).

In this process, the spheres increase their volume by "swelling". Swelling fills the wrinkle or fold, smoothes the imperfections of the skin surface, and carries out an immediate lifting effect. The Hydromatx complex is responsible for increases in the thickness of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.

Fillderma increases the thickness of the epidermis, dermis, & subcutaneous tissue by the actions of its ingredients at different levels.



Why do wrinkles appear ?
The main reason wrinkles appear is the reduction of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the skin. This is a phenomenon that occurs as we age.

How can I reduce my wrinkles ?
There are several option including microinjections and surgery. However, these two procedures are expensive and can be very painful. Furthermore, cosmetic application don't always produce the intended results.

When will I see results ?
The results are almost immediate and are long lasting. In just on hour you will observe an improvement in the aspect of the skin and substantial reduction in the size and depth of the wrinkles. The treatment is complete after using the Fillderma for 60 to 90 days.

How long does the treatment last ?
We recommend two Fillderma applications each day for a period of 60 to 90 days. Then start a three month maintenance program that consist of nightly application. After those three months have elapsed, two or three applications a week is recommended.

Is it a complement for the fillers in microinjections ?
Yes, it is a perfect complement when botulinum toxin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, or fat is injected...Fillderma my be applied immediately after these procedures have been performed. In addition, Fillderma reinforces and extends the effects of microinjections.

Should I use a scrub when using Fillderma ?
Yes, superficial peels and microdermoabrasions increase the effects of Fillderma, improving the penetrations of its ingredients.

Fillderma Duo back to top

Collagen Face Gel


Fillderma, immediate action and visible results Reduces wrinkles length and volume
Increases the hydration of the skin Adds luminosity and softness to the skin
It restores the elasticity and firmness lost with age




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beauty products

Organic Collagen Gel

Light easily absorbed gel contains Organic ingredients and does not make the skin feel sticky. This Collagen Gel gel is also suitable for use in conjunction with non surgical face lifting galvanic and machines. Boosts your own collagen production reducing wrinkles, it also increasing the availability of oxygen to the skin.



Col-Boost Collagen Gel 100ml x 1

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