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Fake Bake



Tried & Tested Review

Key Ingredients
Always delivers on the tan, darker than a lot of other products on the market.


Xtreme Gel is our favourite product gives a really deep tan and dries super quickly.


Buy Now

Fake Bake

Fake Bake guarantee to provide the richest looking tan in the most luxurious way without the sun. It also moisturises, hydrates and protects the body without clogging the pores or irritating sensitive skin.

Introducing Fake Bake

What Is Fake Bake ?


Why Fake Bake ?

10 reasons why Fake Bake was Voted best self tanner in the New York Times.

  • A Revolutionary Self-Tanning Lotion.

  • The Most Effective Tanning Product On The Market!

  • Unique Colour Guide Formula That "Shows Where It Goes".

  • Fastest Way To Get A Fantastic Tan.

  • Tans Instantly As You Apply.

  • A Perfect, EVEN Tan Every Time - No streaking.

  • Includes A Special Applicator Glove.

  • Doesn't turn your skin orange.

  • No bad odour.

  • Doesn't stain clothing.

Fake Bake Tan

Fake Bake contains 37% more tanning ingredient than other self tan and guarantees a smooth and even delicious dark brown tan.


Even the palest complexions can benefit from a rich tan without the potentially dangerous and ageing effects of the sun. non-greasy formulation contains natural, nourishing anti-ageing ingredients to help perfect and smooth the skin.


The Fake Bake three step sunless tanning formula polishes, tans and moisturises for the longest lasting, most luxurious self tan possible.


Fake Bake guarantee to provide the richest looking tan in the most luxurious way without the sun. It also moisturises, hydrates and protects the body without clogging the pores or irritating sensitive skin.


These self tanning product will not turn skin orange or yellow, have no harsh odor as it is not chemically based and will instantly tan without streaking.


Indulge yourself in the richest safest tan that will last for up to a week. Fake Bake, the favourite instant tanning product of America. Fake Bake Sunless Self Tanning Worn by Britney, & Madonna.



The Products

Fake Bake Xtreme Gel

Xtreme Gel

Designed especially for seasoned self tanners who wish to be even darker.
Even more tanning agents plus added bronzers to achieve an even darker, longer lasting tan.


It's gel like formulation means it dries very quickly and you have to work fast when applying it.
Most of our clients who use Xtreme also use our Oil Free Moisturiser with it.

Please don't be tempted to use an oily moisturiser under it as it can affect the outcome of your tan.

Size: 170ml


Fake Bake Airtan


Contains high percentages of two tanning agents, DHA and Erythrulose, that bond with your skin's pigment. Technology transports these active ingredients to deeper layers of skin. The results are a tan that is more intense, even and natural looking than anything on the market.
"The most beautiful, flawless tan under the sun!"


Easy to apply and fast drying.
Will not show up in pores.
Specially designed air-shaft provides a fine mist as a
Continuous spray that can be used at any angle on the body.
Perfect for those hard to reach areas.
Two tanning agents for a deeper, darker, natural-looking tan.
More fluid ounces than most other self-tanners.
Will last for days without fading.
Size: 7fl. oz.


Fake Bake Tanning Mousse

Tanning Mousse

This is a "must-have" for girls on the go!
Many of our customers asked for a tanning product that would dry within seconds and could be applied and worn as daytime or maintenance wear .

This product contains both DHA and Erythrulose , organic tanning agents and you will get an incredible dark tan if you use the self-tanning crme at night and the mousse for daytime tanning.
They are both hypo-allergenic as well as non-comedogenic.

When applying the mousse in the morning, make sure the skin is free from soap residue and oil. If there is too much oil on the skin, then the product will have too much slip and will spread too thin leaving less of the tanning agents on the skin.
Size 118ml


Fake Bake Original Lotion

Original Lotion

Experience the ultimate in self-tanning lotions. Fake Bake have created a unique blend of exotic oils and natural ingredients to give you Fake Bake's Self-Tanning Cream.
Fake Bake will give you the richest ,longest lasting self tan, completely streak and hassle free.

SHOWS WHERE IT GOES formula has a cosmetic colour guide that enables an even application and prevents streaking. Two organic tanning agents, DHA and Erythrulose , in the product that gives you a deeper , darker , longer lasting , more natural looking tan.

If you are very pale, it will take more applications over several nights to get a deep dark tan. This enables you to control how dark you want your tan to be.
Once you achieve your desired tan, you will only need to apply the self-tanner once every five to seven days to maintain it .



Fake Bake Oil Free Moisturiser

Oil Free Moisturiser

Moisturisers that contain oil can prevent the even absorption of self tanning products. However, if you have very dry skin, you may want the added benefit of using this product for extra moisture retention and lubricity.

You can use Oil Free Moisturiser from head to toe over and under our self tanning products for a perfect, even tan. Can be used on the face and entire body.


Allow to dry thoroughly, then apply your Fake Bake self tanning cream. After removing the colour guide for your self tanning product, apply the Oil Free Moisturiser daily to maintain your tan and have silky smooth skin.


Body Polish

To prepare your skin for the ultimate self-tanning experience, always begin with Fake Bake's Passion Fruit Body Polish. It smells good enough to eat!
SOAP-FREE Body Polish ingredients begin with Aloe juice and include natural loofah along with eleven other botanicals and essential oils . These help restore your skin's moisture balance while natural exfoliators gently slough away dead skin cells to achieve the softest, smoothest skin possible before tanning.

This is an excellent body scrub to use as it will effectively but gently remove the dead skin cells as well as hydrate the skin so that you can get the most benefit and penetration from the self-tanning products.
If you use another scrub that has a soap base or has a high alkaline or surfactant level, then it could leave a film or residue on the skin hindering the ability of the self-tanner to penetrate evenly. After a few days, your tan may not be uniform or even.


Tan Enhancing Lotion

With rich essential oils and natural extracts


Leaves the skin with a silky-smooth youthful appearance and soft , golden radiant shimmers.


Wear over your sunless tan to keep your skin moisturised and help your tan last longer.







The Face

The only self-tanner on the market with peptides (patent pending) to help fight wrinkles, prevent fine lines, increase collagen and elastin production - all while delivering a golden bronzed tan.
In the past, the only choice for women was to use their self-tanner intended for the body on their face. The drawback? If applied in the evening, women cannot apply their night or anti-ageing creams.

Fake Bake has solved the problem by combining everything a woman needs in one application. The Face contains Matrixyl-3000, the hottest new ingredient from France that reduces the appearance of wrinkles without the side effects of irritation one could expect from a retinol. Fake Bake has also added botanicals to ensure that The Face leaves skin velvety smooth.

The products combine state-of-the-art technology with the purest organic plant extracts and ingredients. Sophisticated processes now mean that DHA, one of the tanning ingredients in Fake Bake , which is derived from sugar beets, is more controllable and predictable than ever before.

To apply The Face , we recommend using our new Bamboo Buffing Polish first to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, which will in turn promote an even tan and maximise penetration. The product goes on sheer and darkens within minutes for an even, natural-looking golden brown tan. The polish is gentle enough to use every night, but effective enough to use just once or twice a week.

The Face lotion can be applied before bedtime and then followed by rinsing the face with warm water the following morning. The lotion can be used every day as a tinted moisturiser and the tan develops as the day progresses.
Size: 59ml


Face Bamboo Buffing Lotion

This product is designed to work with The Face self tanning cream. It's a facial exfoliator that is gentle but very effective. Its contains bamboo powder to gently buff off the excess skin cells.

The ginger extract has a toning effect on the skin whilst the chamomile is soothing and calming. The buffing polish also contains other botanicals to add moisture and hydrate the skin.

It's gentle enough to use every day, however, once or twice a week is usually enough. Use prior to applying The Face or other Fake Bake self tanning products to ensure that any oily residues left from other moisturisers or cleansers are cleared away properly. This will also let the tanning agents in our products do their work to maximum effect but most importantly - make sure that you get the beautiful, even tan that you are looking for!


Dustifier Sol'e

Means dust from the sun, its loose bronzing powder which has triple pigmentation which means that, you need use less, it looks fresh and stays put for longer and it will last for ages!

This is a beautiful addition and investment piece in your cosmetics wardrobe. Use the unique applicator and sweep this light loose power all over the face, decolletage and shoulders for a silky glow that isn't "orangey". Either way, it will be a welcome addition to your tanning kit.
Dustifier Sol'e is a loose bronzing powder which has triple pigmentation which means that, you need use less, it looks fresh and stays put for longer and it will last for ages!


Bronzy Babe bronzing powder

This cream based bronzing powder adds a beautiful glow to your tan or over your foundation.

This is an investment piece in your cosmetics wardrobe. Use with a damp cosmetic sponge and it becomes a foundation or brush all over the face, decolletage and shoulders for a glow that isn't "orangey". Either way, it will be a welcome addition to your tanning kit.

Bronzy Babe bronzing powder has triple pigmentation which means that, you need use less, it looks fresh and stays put for longer and in a generous sized compact with mirror, it will last for ages!

How to Apply Fake Bake:
Applying Fake Bake is really easy! Just follow three simple steps to a beautiful bronzed body....
Our self tanning products are recommended by dermatologists. However, if you have sensitive skin or questions about using our self tanning products, we recommend that you test the product on a small area of your body. Let is set for a few hours and discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appears. Common sense dictates to avoid contact with the eyes, its for external use only so do not swallow and of course, keep out of reach of children.
Step 1 Exfoliate
Jump in the shower and get ready to prepare your skin for the ultimate self tanning experience ! Begin by using Fake Bake's passion fruit Body Polish . This is a soapless product which will leave no residue on the skin. This is important as residue can affect the outcome of your tan.
Pay particular attention to the feet, knees and elbows and you'll be left with the softest, smoothest skin which is the perfect starting point for the Fake Bake experience! 
Step 2 Apply Fake Bake
Using the gloves provided , apply Fake Bake self tanning cream starting from the feet up working in small circular motions. You might want to enlist help when applying to your upper back. Fake Bake shows where it goes, its easy to spot if you missed a bit.
Remember a little goes a long way! Lightly glaze Fake Bake over the ankles and knees. If you find that you have dry patches here, lightly spray some Skin Smoothie Oil on the areas affected - this will emulsify the Fake Bake and give a more even application. If your skin is very dry, please use the Oil Free Moisturiser, developed to go under our Self Tanning cream and mousse.
When you are working down the arms, at this point, again, you can lightly spray the Skin Smoothie oil onto the hands, elbows if you have drier areas here.
Face : Apply the product full strength to the face. Rub well into the hair line. You might like to use a cosmetic sponge for more control of the product.
Hands: Great Tip! Do them last and using whatever residue is left on your gloves, peel one glove back and spread the fingers wide and bend at the knuckles. (A bit like a claw!) Then lightly glaze over the hand. Wait til dry, then put the glove back on and tan the other hand.
Allow the product to dry for 15-20 mins (unless you are applying the mousse or gel which will dry very quickly) before you put your loose clothes back on. We recommend that you sleep in the product or leave it on for at least four hours before showering.
Step 3 Moisturise
In the morning, after you've showered off the colour guide, lock your new Fake Bake tan deep into your skin with Skin Smoothie Oil! This unique dry oil leaves skin unbelievably soft with our aromatic mix of passion fruit, rose hips, linden flower and lavender oil.

Skin Smoothie dry-oil spray absorbs quickly, sealing in moisture and nourishing your new sunless tan! Spray on the Skin Smoothie Oil right after you shower, while your skin is still damp and then pat dry with a soft towel . Skin Smoothie is also a great rejuvenator for dehydrated skin as well as your Fake Bake sunless tan. It can be used as a soothing after-sun too!

Oil Free Moisturiser If you have very dry skin, we recommend using our Oil Free Moisturiser before and after you apply Fake Bake. This has been specially developed to go under a self tanning cream as moisturiser containing oil can affect the performance of the tan.

Due to our committment to avoid harsh preservatives, please use within 10 months of purchase.



Why is the product so brown?
Fake Bake contains two main ingredients. The first one is the unique tanning agent and the second is a colour guide to aid application which gives an "instant" tan. When you wash the colour guide off only your Fake Bake sunless tan will remain.

Will it stain my clothing?
No! Since the organic pigment is not a stain or dye it will wash out of any synthetic material.

How Long Does it last?
This is one of our favourite questions. We boast that our product need only be applied on average once a week but remember, you are in control and you can deepen your tan simply by applying more product.

Does it wash off?
No! Once developed on the skin it will simply fade just like a natural tan.

Can I use it in the sun or with sunbeds?
When used in the sun or with sunbeds, Fake Bake actually accelerates the tanning process by stimulating the melanin in the skin.

Does the product contain any SPF or sunscreen?
We do not add any SPF or sunscreens to our products as clients need different degrees of protection.

Can I go swimming with my Fake Bake tan?
Yes! Don't worry it will not come off in the pool but remember to swim only after you have rinsed off the colour guide.

Are there any harmful effect from using this product?
Fake Bake have created an organically based self tanning product which contains no harmful ingredients. If in the unlikely event you develop an allergic reaction to our product, discontinue use with immediate effect and seek your doctors advice. A common sense approach advises not to apply onto broken or irritated skin. If in doubt - do a patch test an leave for 24/48 hours.

Do Fake Bake test on animals?
Absolutely not. We are a company who are very concientious about safety, health and environmental issues.


Collagen Gel back to top

Eye Tuck

Organic Collagen Gel




Light easily absorbed gel contains Organic ingredients and does not make the skin feel sticky. This Collagen Gel gel is also suitable for use in conjunction with non surgical face lifting galvanic and machines. Boosts your own collagen production reducing wrinkles, it also increasing the availability of oxygen to the skin.



Col-Boost Collagen Gel 100ml x 1 Free to Mainland U.K Post Total:19.99 Sorry Out of Stock




Eyetuck by Skin Doctors
The new technology that could make eye surgery a thing of the past! 95% Of volunteers saw a visible reduction in the appearance of under eye bags and puffiness in just 15 days!

Capillary Clear★★★★★


Eye Tuck
Free to Mainland U.K Post Total:32.99


International Shipping Add Once


Retinol Rejuvenating Eye Cream C-Vit Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Retinol eye cream

Eye bag and dark circle reducing complex has a draining effect. Wrinkle relaxant effect. Can reduce UVA damage. Retinol is the most effective ingredient in the treatment of wrinkles.
Retinol increases collagen, which is an essential protein in the intercellular matrix that constitutes the dermis



Retinol Eye Cream 15ml
Free to Mainland U.K Post



beauty products

Vitamin C Eye Cream

C-vit Eye Contour Cream is a light cream that incorporates an efficient combination of active ingredients such as sweet orange extract, which helps penetrate the rest of the ingredients and supplies the vitamin C. Ascorbyl glucoside, a revolutionary form of vitamin C that has more stability and longer-lasting effects on the skin than conventional vitamin C.



C-Vit Eye Cream 15ml
Free to Mainland U.K Post



beauty products




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