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Antarctilyne By Skin Doctors


Gift Wrapping

Gold paper & Ribbon Price: £2.50

Cosmetic Gifts


Perricone Crease 120x578



★★★★★ £39.99


Tried & Tested Review

Key Ingredients
Magnesium Sodium Silicate, Aluminium Silicate
Iron Oxides, Propylene Glycol
Leaves a white film on the skin which can cause irritation make-up does not go well on the top. Has no benifits to the skin. Can only be applied under the eye.


Other products with a lifting effect

Daeses Eye Cream by SeSDERMA 

Contains the proven ingredient DMAE Firms and tenses eye contour. DMEA produces an immediate lifting effect. It visibly lifts the skin around the eyes, eyebrows and eyelids.

Also has long term benefits and is available from beauty salons as a treatment.

★★★★★ £37.99

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Eyesential Beauty Secret of the stars !

Eyesential under eye enhancer is used by many a star as it's a fabulous quick beauty fix. This magic cosmetic from Hollywood works in minutes and lasts for hours!


Eyesential Temporarily Removes:

Under eye bags



Introducing Eyesential

How Does Eyesential Work ?

What is Eyesential ?

Eyesential under eye enhancer is used by many a star as it's a fabulous quick beauty fix and part of the magic created by the industry’s make-up artists. Eyesential has been used in the movie world for more than 30 years erasing eyes bags and wrinkles under the eyes giving you an instant eye lift its that's why eyesential is the beauty secret of the stars.


It's one of the reasons that celebs often look so flawless - now you know -

A secret ‘trick of the trade’ of Hollywood make-up artists for many years, Eyesential has been researched and developed by skincare specialists and is now available for home use.


The magic cosmetic from Hollywood that works in minutes and lasts for hours! Eyesential removes under eye bags, lines, and dark circles to leave skin noticeably smoother and younger in minutes – and the amazing eye lift results last up to 10




Eyesential works by-

forming an invisible veil over the top of the skin, and if viewed under a microscope would look like a very delicate spiders web. The lightweight formula does not penetrate, but sits on top of the skin giving a smooth, youthful finish.


Eyesential is completely safe to use. The handy bottle has an atomiser which dispenses the exact amount of lotion needed and each bottle contains around 120 applications - a years worth of Friday and Saturday nights plus a few morning-afters as well! A tiny amount of lotion stroked under the eye gets rid of eye bags, crows feet and wrinkles - hurrah!


Look at the difference in these pictures, Eyesential really works ! Just apply it under the eye and wait a minute for it to dry, its easy.

Before & After Click pictures to enlarge



Hollywood Make-up Artists Use Eyesential

For years women have been searching for something that provides a powerful force in anti ageing without the need for surgery.

Introducing Eyesential and The Lift, two miracle products that do more to turn back the ravages of time than anything else available today.

"...the essential pre make up lifting treatment "

Randy Houston




Dramatic results can be seen after just one application, giving you noticeably lifted firmer younger looking skin. THE LIFT non surgical face lift is a salon style treatment mask which provides a safe and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery that is simple enough to apply in your own home. Expect to lose up to 10 years from your face instantly.


Eyesential under eye enhancer is a cosmetic quick fix that smoothes lines, eye bags & wrinkles, giving you younger fresher looking eyes in minutes yet lasts for up to ten hours.

Randy Houston Mercer, one of Hollywood's top make up artists says " Eyesential & The Lift are two essential products to transform you in an instant, making you look years younger & brighter in minutes"
Randy regularly uses EYESENTIAL and THE LIFT and says it is his secret weapon when working on his celebrity clientele



What The Press Says

What independent journalists from around the world have said about the dramatic instant results of Eyesential under eye Enhancer


Hold up eye bags by smoothing on Eyesential, a quick fix gel used by all the Hollywood make up artists to help stars with wrinkly, saggy eyes




said to make under eye bags and wrinkles a thing of the past, Eyesential is the latest beauty product to reach here from America. Apparently used by party loving boy band Blue during their recent UK tour, the gel promises to lift the area around the eyes

...Eyesential, isn’t a cure but it is a mini eye lift - I’ve seen the results and they are impressive. Make up artist Randy Houston Mercer says its his secret weapon when working on celebrities like Brad Pitt and Sarah Jessica Parker

Follow the eye beauty secret of the stars’, Eyesential temporarily tightens and lifts and under eye area…


The Lift Petite by Eyesential

Do you luv eyesential ? then try the Lift mask used on the whole face and neck its a non surgical face lift that is amazing and its by the same company that make Eyesential more.



Important: To get the best out of your Eyesential follow the instructions carefully.

1. Cleanse the skin around the eye area thoroughly and rise with water to make sure the skin is totally free from cleansers, toners, moisturiser, make-up and oily residue. Pat dry gently.

2. Shake the flacon vigorously. Dispense a very small amount of lotion into the palm of the hand. If the lotion feels gritty the flacon has not been shaken enough and the final result will be affected.

3. Looking straight ahead apply the lotion with the tip of the middle finger under the eye working from the inner eye, following the eye contour and out toward the temple in a firm single stroke. 1 to 3 single applications may be applied, for the best results use as little as possible.

4.Avoid any facial movement for two to three minutes or until the lotion has dried. During the drying process there will be a firming feeling and in some cases a tightening sensation, which will disappear after a short period of time.

5. Once the Eyesential has dried powder make up may be applied very gently with a brush. Do not rub as this will ruin the effects of the product. Allow a period of 30 minutes before re-applying to re-balance the skin, then follow instructions 1-5 again.


Important Points To remember

Eyesential must not come into contact with cleansers toners or moisturiser.

Do not use on eyelids.

The product must not be rubbed or touched after application other wise it will crystallise and itch.

Only a small amount of lotion should be used for the best results.

Not all make-up is compatible with Eyesential, powder make-up is best.

The dispenser must be cleaned after use to keep the lotion running freely.



Daeses Lifting Eye Cream

Daeses Flash Lifting Ampoules

Daeses Eye Cream

Firms and tenses eye contour. DMEA produces an immediate lifting effect reaffirms and favours the skin’s tensile capacity. It visibly smoothes and improves the skin around the eyes, eyebrows and eyelids.



Daeses Eye Cream 30ml
Free to Mainland U.K Post



beauty products


Daeses Ampoules

Immediate Firming and tensing treatment
Flash Treatment for signs of fatigue and wrinkles. Fantastic product under make-up for special occasions.




Daeses Ampoules x 5
Free to Mainland U.K Post



beauty products

Liftoderm Mask back to top


Liftoderm Mask




LiftoDerm is a non surgical facelift system that gives dramatic results you will love even after just one treatment. It lifts tones and firms leaving the skin looking youthful and radiant.



Liftoderm Mask 30ml
Free to Mainland U.K Post


Sorry Out of Stock




Eyesential under eye enhancer is used by many a star as it's a fabulous quick beauty fix.

This magic cosmetic from Hollywood works in minutes and lasts for hours!


Capillary Clear★★★★★


Free to Mainland U.K Post Total:£39.99


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