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NSI Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails Guide

What you can find on this page:

What are Acrylic Nail Extensions ?

How to Find a Nail Technician

The Procedure of Application of Acrylic Nails

Application of NSI Odourless Acrylic Nails

Infills & Rebalancing

Removal of nail extensions

How to look after Acrylic nails

Acrylic Nail FAQ

Nail Technician Training U.K

Find a Nail Technician U.K


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The fabulous picture on the left was created for NSI

by the photographer Chris Wessels, who have kindly

given us permission to display it.

see more at www.chriswesselsphotography.co.za

professional nail extensions at www.nsinails.co.uk 

Acrylic Nails Guide



What are Acrylic Nail Extensions ? Back to top

Nail Extensions are artificial structures which are applied to the natural nails, using state of the art techniques and products, to create nails that look natural, grow with your own nails and are often much stronger than natural nails.


You can dramatically transform the appearance of your nails with a set of beautiful nail Extensions. Nail biters need not fear. A technician can transform the appearance of your nails and provide you with advice on how to maintain their appearance.


Acrylic originated in dentistry (where it is still used today), but was introduced as a nail enhancement in 1935. The acrylic used by nail technicians today is specifically designed for use on nails.


How to Find a Nail Technician Back to top

1 Go to a reputable Nail Salon

2 Choose a nail technician that specializes in Acrylic Nails not a jack of all trades that does hair or beauty one minute and nails the next !

3 Ask what products they use before you book in, NSI, or Creative Nails are all well known in the industry for quality.

4 Make sure they are qualified and insured, ask how long they have been a nail tech. It takes a lot of practice to become as good nail technician.



The Procedure of Application of Acrylic Nails  Back to top

Acrylic nail products are characterized by the use of a powder called polymer, and a liquid called monomer. An acrylic brush is dipped first in the monomer and then into the polymer, creating a "ball" of wet acrylic on the end of the brush. The acrylic is applied to the nails while wet, and sets to a hard finish in a matter of minutes.

Most Systems follow a similar procedure. We have featured NSI aroma free acrylic below

Most monomers have a strong odour, " Ultra-violet-curing acrylics are truly odourless, but because of their unique filing qualities and procedure, they are not used in many salons yet.


Spa Aroma-Free nail liquid was created specifically for the day spa and full service beauty salons," said Jason Shaw, Managing Director of NSI UK. "It is perfect for odor-sensitive Nail Techs, clients, and locations.



Application of NSI Odourless Acrylic Nails  Back to top


1. Spray NSI Sanitize liberally on both your and your client’s hands to deter the transfer of bacteria.

2. Remove polish with NSI 100% Pure Acetone.

Natural Nail Prep:

1. Gently remove shine from natural nail surface with vertical strokes using an NSI 100 Grit Brown File.

2. Remove dust filings with the NSI Plush Brush.

3. Apply Nailpure liberally to the natural nail plate and let dry to a chalky white.

4. Apply Superbond Primer once to natural nail surface sparingly and allow to dry completely.

Tip Application:

1. Select the NSI tip of choice and size to fit. Apply adhesive to underside of tip.

2. Rock tip onto natural nail free edge at a 45° angle. Secure for a few seconds. Press gently at sidewalls for maximum bonding.

3. Shorten and shape sidewalls and free edge as needed.

4. Blend overlap well area invisibly to the natural nail surface.

5. Remove dust filings with the NSI Plush Brush.

Form Placement:

1. Select NSI Gold or Silver Touch-Tab Form.

2. Wrap form lengthwise around brush handle to obtain curve. Remove form from paper. Secure form to fit snugly under or near the natural nail free edge.

3. Press form in along sides and above cuticle area.

4. Pinch form at free edge to create "C" curve. Gently press form down at the free edge to obtain a graceful curve from cuticle to free edge.

Brush Prep:

Wet entire brush into NSI Odorless Liquid. Wipe to dry on nail wipe.
Product Pick Up:

The amount of powder picked up on the brush relates directly to the amount of liquid on the brush. More liquid = more powder, less liquid = less powder.

1. Re-wet brush only 1/4 length of brush to pick up liquid.

2. Drag or twirl brush into powder several times to pick up a snowy ball.

3. Tap brush gently to release excess powder.

Product Placement Form Build and Tip Overlay:

Note: For "pink and white" application - Ball #1 use white, Ball #2 & #3 use pink and Ball #4 use clear.

1. Pick up product ball #1 (see product pick up). Press product ball onto nail at center. Wipe brush on dry clean wipe. Allow product to self-mix.

2. Use patting and pulling strokes to move product ball covering stress/smile line and free edge areas.

3. Pick up product ball #2 (see product pick up). Press product ball onto nail at stress/smile line. Wipe brush on dry clean wipe. Allow product to self-mix.

4. Use patting and pushing strokes to move product ball covering nail bed and sidewall areas. Tuck product along sidewalls. Avoid touching skin.

5. Pick up product ball #3 (see product pick up). Press product ball onto nail below cuticle. Wipe brush on dry clean wipe. Allow product to self-mix.

6. Use patting and pushing strokes to move product ball covering cuticle area. Avoid touching skin. Remove product touching skin with sterile implement. Wipe brush.

7. Using light feather-like strokes, brush away from cuticle to join with previous section. Allow to self level.

8. Pick up product ball #4 (see product pick up). Press product ball onto nail above stress/smile line. Wipe brush on dry clean wipe. Allow product to self-mix. Drag down over stress area toward free edge. Allow to self level.


The surface of the nail will feel slightly "tacky" if the correct powder/liquid ratio has been used. If the surface is extremely "tacky", the compound was applied too wet.

1. Remove tacky residue layer by wiping with NSI Acetone using an NSI Nail Wipe. Stroke over entire surface and around all edges.

2. Using NSI Black Cushion 180/240 Grit File, shape and shorten free edge. Clean sidewalls with vertical strokes and cuticle area with a circular motion.

Product Placement Refill:

1. Follow Pre-Prep and Natural Nail Prep steps.

2. Remove shine from entire nail surface. Shorten and re-shape if needed. Pick up product ball #3 (see product pick up). Press product ball onto nail below cuticle on top of previously applied acrylic. Use patting and pushing strokes to place product a hair’s width from cuticle and down along sidewalls. Using light feather-like strokes, brush away from cuticle joining new growth area to the level of previously applied acrylic. Allow to self level. Avoid touching skin. Remove product touching skin with sterile implement.

3. Follow Finishing and Perma Gloss Application steps.

Perma Gloss Application:

1. Complete filing of acrylic nails with NSI 100 to 180 grit file. Brush away filings with the NSI Plush Brush. Do not wash hands or use oil.

2. Wipe with NSI Acetone using an NSI Nail Wipe. Stroke over entire surface and around free edge.

3. Apply Perma Gloss Prep using vertical strokes from cuticle to free edge. Be sure to cover nail edge thickness. Allow 1 minute before applying gel.

4. Apply NSI Perma Gloss liberally but not excessively to entire nail surface. Be sure to wrap around the free edge.

5. Place hand into a UV Gel Nail Lamp for a full two minutes.

6. Remove film with NSI Acetone using an NSI Nail Wipe. Wipe entire nail surface including free edge.

7. Repeat with clean Nail Wipe on cuticle and beneath free edge.

8. Wear with or without polish. Shine lasts until buffed off during refill.


  • Do not apply NSI products to damaged, injured or inflamed cuticles or fingers.

  • Discontinue use if skin or nail irritation occurs.

  • Keep all NSI products out of children’s reach.

  • Use in well-ventilated area.

  • Accidentally spilled NSI products on skin or clothing should be flushed with water and washed with soap. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Infills & Rebalancing  Back to top

    As the natural nail grows, new nail plate appears at the cuticle creating a gap between the cuticle and the nail enhancement. The enhancement starts to look unnatural, becomes unbalanced (or top heavy) and is more likely to break. Cracks can also appear. Rebalancing involves infilling the new growth area and re-shaping the nail to strengthen it and return its natural appearance. Cracks can be repaired at the same time. You should return to the salon every 2/3 weeks for infills, rebalancing and general maintenance.


    Removal of Nail Extensions  Back to top

    Extensions should be professionally removed with acetone which softens and dissolves the artificial nails.


    The Removal procedure for Acrylic Nails

    Lay out several pages of newspaper on your kitchen table to prevent spills. Keep several paper towels close by as well to wipe off nail polish, dry your hands off and put the acrylic nails on as they come off.

    Clip your nails as short as possible to make the process easier. Next apply some petroleum jelly to your fingers (except the nails) to prevent your skin from drying out completely during the soaking.

    Pour the entire bottle of acrylic nail polish remover in a bowl. It can be warmed up in the microwave very quickly to make the process faster and easier. Soak your fingernails for about 15 to 20 minutes. The acrylic nails should start to come apart from your natural nail at this point. Gently peel them back a little and soak longer if they still seem pretty attached. Repeat this process until you can easily peel the entire acrylic nail off. Don't force it, or you risk ripping your own nail out of the nail bed, which is very painful.

    Wash your hands several times when you're done to get all the acetone off. Use a good hand moisturizer. The acetone dries your skin out. Your nails will look very rough from the acrylic coming off. Use a nail buffer to smooth them out. They'll start looking better after a few days.


    How to look after Acrylic nails  Back to top

    • Wear gloves when you do your household work and when you do gardening.

    • Use a tool for opening soda cans.

    • Dial the phone with a pencil.

    • Learn to do things with the pads of your fingers rather than your fingertips and nails.

    • Test your hold when lifting heavy objects to be sure you won't break a nail.

    • Never do anything that would put upwards pressure on the tips of your nails.

    • Take care opening car doors.

    • Bear in mind that it generally takes a day of two to become accustomed to longer nails. 

    • Do not wear your nails too long. The length of your nails should suit your lifestyle. 

    • For home care you will require a file for re-shaping, non-acetone varnish remover, a cuticle oil to encourage healthy growth, a buffer to smooth the surface of the nail, a base coat, coloured nail varnish and a top coat. All these products are available from your technician.  

    • Only use a non-acetone varnish remover.

    • Apply a base coat before applying nail varnish. This will help prevent the nails from becoming stained or from yellowing.

    • Do not clip or cut your nails and do not use a metal file. Use one of our special emery boards. They will not shatter or crack your nails.

    • Do Not do your nail technicians job for her. If you break a nail or it begins to lift, you should glue it until your next appointment, BUT be sure that your nails are DRY, before you glue. Your nails should be out of water for at least one hour before you glue your nails, to insure that they are dry. Extreme caution must be taken so you do not to trap moisture between your nail and the lifting acrylic coating.

    • Wearing a Band-Aid for long periods of time could also trap moisture on a nail that has lifted. Be sure to remove the Band-Aid for several hours each day.

    • Do Not ignore a condition that develops around your nails. Allergies to acrylic products are rare, but they do happen. If you do develop a condition that is abnormal around your nails, call your nail technician as soon as possible.

    • Keep your hands and cuticles soft by applying Jessica hand lotion and/or cuticle oil daily. Be 100% sure that the lotion or cuticle oil does NOT contain mineral oil. Mineral oil is the number 1 cause of lifting of acrylic nails. Try putting on the lotion or cuticle oil before you put on gloves to wash the dishes. The heat of the dish water will help skin absorb the lotion or oil.

    • If you need to reschedule your appointment, call as soon as possible. Our nail technician has appointments booked 2- 3 weeks in advance.

    • If you decide you want to remove the artificial nails, please, do not chew them off. Please call our nail technician and she will remove them for you or explain how you can remove them yourself with minimal damage to your natural nails.


    FAQ  Back to top

    Are acrylic nails harmful to your real nails if you wear them all the time?
    Some people who wear artificial, or acrylic, nails may notice a slight discoloration or coarsening of their natural nails. But a more serious nail problem resulting from acrylic nails is infection.

    Sometimes a gap develops between the acrylic nail and the natural nail. If the acrylic nail is bumped or jarred, it may separate from the natural nail. This gap provides a moist, warm environment in which bacteria and fungus can grow. If such an infection occurs, the natural nail may become thickened and discoloured and should be evaluated by a doctor.

    Rarely, a person may have an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis) to components of acrylic nails or the adhesives used to apply them. This usually results in some redness and peeling of the skin around the nail. If peeling is excessive or persists despite the use of moisturizer on the affected skin, consult a doctor.


    Do nail extensions come off ?

    If properly cared for your Extensions should not come off. Biting and picking are the most common causes of lifting which can damage the natural nail. Once lifting has occurred it can be exaggerated by certain hand creams and oils, in particular those containing lanolin, mineral oil or paraffin. These products are not absorbed by the skin but remain on the surface to penetrate any gaps that develop between the natural nail and the enhancement. Check all such products for these ingredients by reading the labels.


    Do nail extensions break?

    Yes. They are designed to break under impact to protect the natural nail. A broken enhancement can be repaired easily.


    How to care for Acrylic nail extensions ?

    Artificial Nail Extensions involves a trade-off:
    In exchange for having consistently beautiful nails, you must visit our nail technition regularly. You must also take greater care to protect your nails from damage or breakage, more carefully than you did in the past before you had the nails applied.
     Plan to see our nail technician about every two weeks, but our nail technician will determine a schedule that is appropriate for you.


    Nail Technician Training  Back to top

    If you want to be a nail tech you need to go on a course creative nails and NSI offer approved courses


    Advice from NSI



    Nail Systems International (UK) is dedicated to serving the professional nail fashion industry. Our parent company in the USA is at the forefront of technological advancement and expertise in the business and this has lead to award winning products, which are used extensively throughout the world by some of the very best nail professionals.

    If you wish to start up in the nail fashion business, or want to improve your existing skills, we have a network of training centres where our team of experienced educators will show you just how to achieve your objectives. All our educators have at least 8 years salon experience, which has provided them with invaluable knowledge and expertise. This first hand experience has been incorporated into the structure of each course, providing you and us with a training system, which gets results.

    On completion of the training course successful students will receive an NSI Certificate. Having established an enviable reputation for our training within the industry, a certificate of success from NSI has value and prestige.

    Never before has there been such an interest in nails, so now is the time to become part of this rapidly expanding business. When you have successfully completed your training we can give you excellent backup and help you build your business. With our regular training workshops and the latest products available from our cash & carry counter, or by next day delivery, we can keep you ahead of the competition, and that’s a promise.


    Advice from CREATIVE NAILS


    There's more to becoming a nail technition than just doing nails. At the Creative Nail Academy, we believe that creating beautiful, natural-looking nail enhancements is an art and the right approach can make a world of difference, both to your clients and your career prospects.

    So whether you're starting from scratch or a seasoned professional, the Creative Nail Academy has just what you need to be the best.




    Nail Extension



    Creative Nails

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     Nail Technicians In Manchester  Back to top

    American Professional Nail Care

    0161 832 5699

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    Classy Nails

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    Just Nails

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    L A Nails

    0161 370 8247

    1050 Ashton New Road, Manchester, M11 4PE

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    Magic Nails

    0161 248 5551

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    Mayfair Nail Salon

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    138 Bury Old Road, Manchester, M45 6AT

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    Nail Couture

    0161 737 6666

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    Nails On The Go

    07813 807159

    21 Davenham Road, Sale, M33 5QR

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    Nail Salon

    0161 320 1234

    11-15 Stockport Road, Manchester, M34 6DB

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    0161 747 2000

    52 Flixton Road, Manchester, M41 5AB

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    Nail Designs

    0161 320 5200

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    Nail Design

    07773 272155

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    Nail Fairy

    0161 492 0001

    571 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 9JE

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    Nail Vogue

    0161 773 6639

    255 Bury New Road, Manchester, M25 9PB

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    Nails Inc

    0161 839 9663

    Market Street, Manchester, M60 1TA

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    The Nail Bar

    0161 998 7333

    323 Palatine Road, Manchester, M22 4HH

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    The Nail Studio

    0161 728 4411

    7 Worsley Road, Manchester, M27 5WN

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    Pretty Nails

    0161 945 8100

    25 Spark Road, Manchester, M23 1DQ

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    Premier Nails

    0161 707 8800

    426 Worsley Road, Manchester, M30 8HQ

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    0161 684 9858

    Oldham Road, Manchester, M35 0HH

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    Taylor Made Nails

    0161 727 8090

    153 Manchester Road, Manchester, M27 4FH

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    Unique Nails

    0161 227 7575

    241 Princess Road, Manchester, M14 7LT

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    Village Nails

    0161 788 8870

    197 Monton Road, Manchester, M30 9PN

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    If you are a qualified Nail Tech List your salon here free.

    email us your: name, address, phone, email, website, nail product used, qualifications tech@gelisy.com





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